With 2 datacenters in Gothenburg, we can offer you lots of different hosting services. Virtual server, Webhosting, backupservices or rent capacity or storage in our server environment where we can offer different performance options.


Fast, secure and reliable IT environment

Webland owns and manage two data centers with redundant hardware completely independent of other hosting providers whith full control of all associated routines and processes.


Rent your server, either on your own dedicated hardware or in a common virtual environment to achieve a more cost-effective IT environment. You can also choose to place your own servers in one of our data centers with a specification that match Tier II level.
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Webland owns and manage two data centers located in Gothenburg. We offer you a big variety of hosting services. Everything from Web hosting to more complex applications and backup services. Several of our services can also be offered as a redundant solution, located in both data centers.
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Avoid costs for expensive data center and maintenance agreements and let us manage your server environment, cost-effectively and securely!

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